Sunday, September 17, 2006

... and it was gone

Soo Hui and I went to Victor Habour yesterday.
We nearly missed the bus that took us there

It was quite fun. We walked around Granite Island which took about an hour or so.

It was lovely to be able to stand on the rocky cliffs and watch the waves crash against the cliff, spewing out white foam as they did.
It was heavenly just to close your eyes, listen to the roaring waves and feel the light ocean spray on your face.

We were mesmerized by the beauty.
In awe of it all.

Then we screamed when we thought no one was looking.


We saw penguins but they were tiny so we weren't really thrilled or anything.

We were more excited by food.

Soo Hui and I are like pigs.
We had 4 donuts each and Wendy's ice cream.

It's everywhere!!

We laid on the cool grass under the sun because it seemed like the right thing to do.
Soo Hui actually slept.

She can sleep anywhere

Something terrible happened!

I was munching on a piece of bread when Soo Hui pointed at something, distracting me.
Out of nowhere, this seagull swooped down from behind and snatched my bread from my hand!!


*shakes angry fist at seagull*

Oh pooh.
But Soo Hui and I had our doughnuts after that so it was alright. We actually avoided the birds in case they decided to steal our doughnuts too


Yenny reckons that it must be the bird mating season or something.
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