Friday, December 29, 2006

Possibly the cutest shoes ever?

All hail the cutest pair of shoes ever! :D

Aren’t they absolutely adorable?!
And at only B$17!


Monday, December 18, 2006

The Case of The Missing Luggage

One thing after another.
So I soon found myself on board RBA, on my way home to Brunei after the horrendous experience.
I must say that the stewardess on board RBA aren't very good at their job. During the airline safety procedures, the stewardess made a mistake and towards the end of it, she just threw her hands up in frustration and stopped before she was even supposed to.
Lady, you may have a bad day but your mistake and your unenthusiasm may endanger us when there's actually an emergency.

For example, say we have to land in water and everyone has to wear a life jacket before they jump into the water.. but thanks to you... this happens..

Nay... that's not the real problem.

The real problem?

When I actually got into the airport, I waited almost 40 minutes for my baggage which DID NOT COME!

They lost my luggage!!

At this stage, I was pretty cranky.
I had not slept much, I looked like I could bite someone's head off and I almost did.
This lady at the "Lost and Found" section was almost arguing with me. She said that I had to get a sticker for my baggage but I didn't which meant I didn't check my bag in.

I couldn't my bag in myself because I couldn't even get out of the arrival hall!!

They did everything for me and they just gave me a piece of paper saying they transferred my bag to the flight I was boarding!!

Then tears started flowing because I was just so tired. I was just so tired of everything.
I didn't understand why everything was going downhill. Even though things were looking up, they weren't.
I was rolling down the hill again and I couldn't stop.

Anyho, the lady was mighty surprised to see me crying and she shouted to her collegue, "TISSUE!! TISSUE!!"
and when I told her everything, she was being very sympathetic and promised to do her best to help me find my luggage.
I apologized for crying but she laughed and said, "No no, I understand.. but you came in, being so tough and you suddenly cried, you scared me!!"


I should never try to act tough when all I'm going to do is burst out crying the next moment.

She did say that I had to be brave to go through everything by myself.
Damm right. I had no one to call. My phone couldn't get a signal in the airport. I was literally on my own but Jackson helped me so much. I'm really grateful for his help.

Yeah... it was just so tiring. I went through so many emotions; anxiety, anger, frustration, paranoia, and on top of it all, I having my period.

But hey, yesterday my dad got a call and they found my luggage so YAY~!!
It's here now!! ^__^
which explains why I could go online now. YAYNESS.

I wonder where it went.
Maybe it took a detour to Mexico! I can already imagine digging out to find a sombero inside my luggage.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The whole "life flash before your eyes" experience

I was on the bus the other day (it was crammed with little old ladies and nice old grandpas), texting my lovely Korean friend...

when all of the sudden, the bus screeched to a halt. The old lady beside me tumbled forward as a loud deafening blare engulfed us.
My heart stopped when I realized a tiny car had just sped past the bus, and missed being rammed into by a hair's width!!

Okay, so my life didn't exactly flash before me but I'll bet it did for the lil old lady beside me. Anyway, the bus driver was all pissy.. like anyone in such a situation would be..
In fact everyone in the bus was pissed and we all proceeded to give the reckless driver a dirty stare. Yes, all those sweet looking little biddies... they make me quiver in my pink furry boots.

I for one will be more careful around old biddies from now on.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My love affair with caffeine

Ah my gawd…
I had my very first starbucks yesterday!! Yes, I am a sad creature….but hey!! I’m lovable! *prances*

No, actually this one is my second (yes, I had two)… I didn’t take a photo of my first starbucks :(
Let’s pretend it’s MY VERY FIRST STARBUCKS COFFEE!! ........ which really isn’t coffee but a tall Double Chocolate Chip.

NO!! I want to make this work!

Let’s pretending it’s MY VERY FIRST STARBUCKS COFFEE which was a tall ginger*something* latte!
..... Ah my gawd, I've already forgotten the name… caffeine is bad for me.

Speaking of caffeine… it has such a big EFFECT on me.
I couldn’t sleep!! I went to bed at about 4am because I was still so alert and chatting happily away on MSN. But I couldn’t sleep. So I went online but no one was on MSN!! So I watched a few clips before turning into bed. It turned 5.48am =___=
The sun was rising!! ARGH~!!
I even heard the birds chirping.
I got up and walked around a bit more then jumped onto my bed like a predator or some sort. I don’t know why. Caffeine does strange things to me. I was still tossing and turning. The birds were really starting to annoy me. Eventually… I feel asleep.

What a day! What a day!!
Shouldn’t have had coffee in the evening!!

The starbucks place is real nice.
Look at the comfy seat that Soo Hui lazing on!!

Also yesterday, my Korean friend, Ah Rum and I agreed on lunch at 12 noon.
Hah! Guess what?

I woke up at 11.50am!! Okay, 11.54 to be exact.

I know! I know!!
I was hopping up and down shrieking! I’ve never felt like this before. ARGH!
I mean, it’s not like we’re really good friends till I can make her wait like how Sharon makes me wait and stuff. Or like Soo Hui for that matter.
HAHAHA! Yes, they make me wait… I swear I have a few strands of white hair because of them but they make my life more colourful so I’ll forgive them. For now.
The average person wastes about oh... 4 months waiting??
Well, I’m sure one year of my life has been wasted on waiting.

Anyho!! I did what I could do. I texted her. I felt so embarrassed! But she told me to take my time and not to worry cause she’ll browse around the stores. She was so nice! And forgiving! I’ve never gotten ready so fast in my life! It was so fortunate when I walked out, there was a bus and I ran to catch it!! Yay for legs!!

I finally met up with her at 12.45pm

She was comforting me by saying that her friends make her wait for an hour or even more.
I think she spends 2 years of her life waiting.
I should be thankful.

She took me to this Korean restaurant which is quite hidden from sight!! Gosh! It was down this alley and to this corner, you’ll find it! Haha! I’ll take Soo Hui there cause the food is nice! ^^
I had a good time chatting with her and such. I’m saddened to think that she may never EVER come back to Adelaide again!! At least I have her MSN contact!! Yay for MSN!
Ahh… she uses MSN cause she has a couple of friends who are studying overseas too! I gave her a Christmas/farewell present
Not much but they’re kinda pricey.

And she gave me this plastic bag filled with some Korean cookies and even cup noodles! Hahahaaa~! I already ate one box so it's not in the pic! o__O

Well, she’s gone to Brisbane (WHERE YENNY IS!) then the Gold Coast before traveling to Sydney! Then she’ll go off back to Korea. *Sigh*

Speaking of Sydney! Soo Hui came back from her trip to Sydney!! And she bought Krispy Kreme for me!! *prances*Yay for Sydney trips!
She bought a dozen and she’s planning to give me three!!
Hmm… why do I suddenly remember the fact that one original honey glazed krispy kreme containing 4 grams of trans fat?
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