Thursday, April 30, 2009


I meant to blog about this but kept procrastinating. Heh.

Anyway, I made a trip to Melbourne!
One of the best places to go shop in Aussieland!

And it's been too long since I had a Krispy Kreme!
The queue was quite long but I didn't mind waiting!

Was sorely disappointed by Krispy Kreme's "Devil's Food" (Glazed Chocolate donut).
Totally didn't live up to its name. It should be sinfully good but was just blah.
It was too dry and too sweet. Boo! Hiss Hiss!

Met up with Cheryl!
Here she is with a pot of tea!

We were shopping in Chadstone and stopped by T2 for some tea tasting!
I can't remember the exact name of the tea that we sampled (something along the line of Geisha Tea?) but it pretty much tasted like water. The fragrance of the tea was beautiful but somewhat intoxicating.

I got myself an awesome clock by Smiggle! I love Smiggle products!
If only they have their own proper stores here in Adelaide. Sigh...

Anyho! Cheryl had a dance class later that day and I asked her to bring me along.
(I wish I have a dancing buddy who would take classes with me *pout*)
One of her teachers is Vince Calingasan, who choreographed one of the dances in Australia's 'So You Think You Can Dance'. I definitely wanted to go meet him!

I cropped this photo because Cheryl might not scream at me if I included a full view of her back (and doing a funny pose. LMAO)
I secretly filmed them from the back but I promised Cheryl that I wouldn't upload them.

So if you wanna know what his style's like, check out this video.
It's pretty short though (About 43 seconds)

Since Josh is now working in Melbourne, we went to play a couple rounds of golf in Emerald. It's a gorgeous place so if you're an avid golfer, you should give it a go :)

The yellow, auburn and golden-brown leaves of Autumn

This mushroom practically screams "Super Mario" but it's totally poisonous.

Nice shot!!

Ah... I can't wait to visit it again :)

Until next time! Broooooom brooooom!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oppsie doosie

I missed yet another flight.

Heh. *sheepish grin*

Fortunately, it was a cheap domestic flight.

How did it happen? Well, despite starting out early, we were caught in traffic
*silent scream*

But it's not a bad thing so I'm not disappointed or anything. After all, I am in Melbourne, a shopping paradise! *prances*

Oh! It's my best friend, Sharon Yong's birthday today!

Now you iz as old as me! *mega prancing*
Hooray for you!! :D

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Butterfly dance

So I went for my very first job interview ever.

It was nerve-wrecking! *silent scream*

I received an e-mail a week and half after I applied for the job with a subject heading "Interview"
My heart was about to burst and it nearly did as I read through the e-mail.
I wanted to run around the room and hug myself at the same time.

Then a flood of mixed emotions engulfed me. I was soooooo not prepared for an interview. What would I say? What should I do? What should I wear?! I need shoes and bag which screams "HIRE ME!" but where?
So many problems.. so little time...

I hit the local bookstore in search of books that would guide me through my first interview. As I went through the shelves, I found myself with about 6 books in hand.
I speedily read through a book which was entitled 'Perfect First Interview' (or something along those lines) trying to absorb as much info as possible.

I ended up buying a book called 'The Everything(R) Practice Interview Book'

Call me silly but I am the type that likes to do my research (which is why I am a scientist).

It did help me a lot but I also think it made me even more nervous as I had to remember so many things that I should and shouldn't do.
But it was indeed very handy.

I arrived at the interview extra early so was seated in a waiting area. I was soon joined an Indian man who looked smart in his full suit, nice polished shoes and a large black briefcase.
He was called to do the interview first. Fifteen minutes later, he emerged from the room with a smile on his face.
He asked me whether I was going for the interview and told me that I had nothing to worry about as it was easy.
I felt really relieved after hearing that.

It wasn't long before it was my turn. As I entered the room, I realized that I was going to be interviewed by THREE people.
I was silently screaming inside the whole time as I shook all their hands.

Fortunately, they didn't waste anytime asking silly or confusing questions such as "What book did you last read?" (I read Cleo mag but I don't think you want to know that, so should I lie and say I read something more intellectual?)

They wanted to know what sort of research I've done and the sort of techniques I've used.
It wasn't too difficult so I think I did alright.
I wasn't oozing with confidence but I was rambling on like some village idiot.

Unfortunately it would take another two weeks before they make their final decision. I'm not sure whether I would be chosen but I won't feel too disheartened that I didn't.
I learnt a lot from that interview so I'm really happy that they gave me an opportunity.

Am quite pumped up and ready for future interviews! :D

Am planning to work part-time at Coles at the moment. Yes, it's a dodgy job that only high-school students do but reality is I need to support myself and this recession is not making it easy. I am also looking for jobs outside of Adelaide as our state is facing the worst unemployment rate in the whole of Aussieland.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

25 random facts

Well, I've got tagged by this facebook "25 random facts" game several times but never really thought I'd actually do it.

It's surprising what boredom can drive you to do.

Anyway, most of you have read this on facebook but I've got some readers who don't have my facebook link ;)
And no, I won't give it to you unless I actually know you.

The 25 Randoms

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you! (Well, not really LOL!)

  1. I am a lacto-ovo-vegatarian. I take no meat but still consume dairy-products and eggs :D
  2. My English name is actually Analisha. It was supposed to be in my birth cert but somehow the authorized person said that he won't allow an English name as I am not a Christian (Wth). My mom thought of it after seeing a movie with characters called "Anna" and "Lisa" and stuck the names together before throwing in a 'h' in "Lisa" for a twist.
  3. When I was younger, I watched a black and white film and thought that people before the 50s lived in a monochromatic world.
  4. I love to dance!! If only I have someone who will take dancing classes with me in Adelaide. Sniffles!
  5. I name all of my stuffed toys. My favourite is a bear called Boo Boo, named after Yogi Bear's friend. Boo Boo was given to me as a birthday present when I was five-six and was my first stuffed toy! I remember cutting up an old shirt and made him a jacket with his name sewn onto it!
  6. I don't get the rage with Louis Vuitton bags. No offense but I think a lot of them are ugly.
  7. I have found my two "twins" (Same birth date and year)! An Asian one (who is coincidentally a Bruneian as well) and a Caucasian one! On a side note, the one I consider my twin is neither of them and is actually two months older. Big hello to Yenny if you're reading this! I heart you!!
  8. I've had two semi-stalkers. *shudders*
  9. So far I have moved and lived in 12 different houses. I used to move quite a bit as a child and even more so when studying abroad.
  10. I used to not believe in God. I do now.
  11. I can't really swim. I am able to float and swim forward but can neither thread in water nor swim with my head above the water. Therefore if you throw into a pool of water, I will only swim in one direction and only hope I will reach the edge before I drown.
  12. I love cooking and think I'm a pretty good cook ;)
  13. I would love to travel! I haven't traveled much unfortunately. The countries I have visited so far are Malaysia, Singapore (well, I was there for a few hours as I was in transit) and Australia. Sad, I know.
  14. I consider myself a pessimist but think that it's a good thing. I prepare and plan for the worst but hope for the best ;)
  15. I like kids and they like me. But I don't want to have babies! Bearing a child and going into labour scares the heck out of me. Moreover, I think it's extremely challenging to bring up a child in today's world.
  16. Am planning to become an organ donor. Who's with me? :D
  17. I dislike losing. If I keep losing in a particular game (e.g. Sim City), then I vow never to play it again. I suppose it's some sort of self-denial; that the game's stupid, not me. LOL!
  18. A lot of people don't know this (mainly because it takes a while to explain) but I don't have a passport and I'm not a citizen of any country. Yes, I was born in Brunei but am merely a Permanent Resident of Brunei. I own a travel document that resembles a passport but isn't technically one. This is because we follow the residence status of our fathers'. Since my great grandparents came from China, they were considered foreigners and so their descendants will be considered non-citizens even if they were born in Brunei. And if we want to be citizens, we have to apply and sit for a test. The End.
  19. Art is one of my greatest passions. I would love to just pack up and head to Paris to paint!
  20. I can't do sit-ups. I really, really can't!
  21. I don't have a favourite number or colour but I have a favourite month (July!) and I just don't know why.
  22. I have a bad habit of losing or misplacing things. I can also be quite clumsy and am constantly bruising myself (I bruise like a peach anyway). Whoops? Hehe.
  23. Not too sure as to why a lot of people think it's strange but I have never dyed my hair. I might want to dye it brown or reddish (I remember liking Musei's reddish-brown hair and Huey Yeng's caramel(?) brown so much!) but am too poor to get it professionally done.
  24. I am 22 and I still don't have a driving license! My excuse? I've been studying abroad before I was 18 and so never got the chance to learn. At the moment, I'm a little too poor to afford classes. Having that said, I really like to drive! It might be a good thing that I don't own one since I like to drive fast. Me thinks the speed demon runs in the family.
  25. One of the things that I fear most in the world are zombies. AUUURGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

Am so looking forward to a chocolate-filled Easter weekend! W00ts!!!

I managed to get Seng Kheng to buy me this massive chocolate Easter egg!

I measured and it's about 24cm high! AWESOMOUS!

It was a wee bit pricey so SK told me not to eat it. Me thinks he wants me to vacuum pack it so it'll last forever.

It does have an expiry date though; sometime this June!
If I vacuum pack it, will it be safe to eat after the expiry date??

Oooo but I don't know whether I can actually wait.. I feel like eating it already!
Narf narf narf!!!
Let hope I don't overdose on chocolate. But then again, is there such thing as too much chocolate? HO HO HO HO HO!!

Have a safe, fun and totally awesomous Easter everyone!


Monday, April 06, 2009

Renewed Strength

Thou shall not falter

Thou shall not run away

Thou shall not make excuses

Thou shall not wallow in self pity

Thou shall pick thy self up when fallen

Thou shall face challenges

Thou shall embrace change

Thou shall remain positive

Success will ensue

And thou shall taste the sweet bliss of triumph

Saturday, April 04, 2009


What if you woke up to find that your car was practically covered in plastic wrap?!

Can you imagine the horror, especially if you were running late for work??

That's what happened to a number of victims' cars on the 1st in Melbourne!
Fortunately the prankster "EVIE" attached a pair of scissors to the poor cars so their owners can get themselves into the vehicles!

What more can you say when even the newspapers were pranking their readers by making hoax headlines?
The Aussie sense of humour is truly unique!
The South Australian newspaper, AdelaideNow, announced that there were plans to build a new stadium in honour of the South Aussie "frog cake"

The South Australian treat "Balfours Frog Cake"

You'll be surprised at how many people fell for it -.-

Did anyone pull any practical jokes this April Fool's?

I'm usually the one being pranked -.-
I can't be bothered to think of any awesome practical jokes.
And will not risk it backfiring on me!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Playfish games

I totally love facebook application games by Playfish!!
Especially the new game, Restaurant City!

Give these a try! Surefired way to cure your boredom!
Unless you don't have a facebook account.. (WHY NOT????)
There are a number of games to suit different tastes!

Think you're savvy with words? Try Word Challenge.

Test how awesome your Geography really is with Geo Challenge. I totally suck at this one!!

Fancy yourself as the next Tiger Woods?? Then try out Mini Golf Party.

Or if you prefer bowling then have a look at Bowling Buddies

Create a virtual pet and custom design its house with Pet Society! It's awesome!

Run your own restaurant with Restaurant City! Design your restaurant and trade ingredients with your friends!

A word of warning though! They are addictive! @_@
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