Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So I just back from Melbourne.

I'm happy to say that I've met the Professor and his team. We had a little chat and I found them to be friendly and nice. They were happy for me to join their team so I'll be moving to Melbourne :)
I hope to get everything organized, sorted out and move everything within two weeks.

Since getting back to Adelaide, I've been plagued by this wave of sadness. I guess I never really thought about it but I'll really miss Adelaide.

As I made my way to the city, I marveled at the beauty of Adelaide... sure, it's a sleepy, quiet city but it's not a bad thing, it's a peaceful place filled with warm and friendly people.

The next thing I know this guy drives up to me, breaks into a grin and goes, "oh WOW! Hellooo!"

Eh??! I have no idea why he was going "wow" for. I'm sick and pale, and covered from head to toe. I just looked at him oddly and walked away.
Then, as I turned away, this homeless guy starts talking to me!!

Perhaps the people in Adelaide are a little too friendly??

Ah well... I will still miss it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2 cups of sunshine

Today, I woke up with a smile.

I cannot remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed, happy and even somewhat excited.

I finally have a direction in life. My future still isn't all that clear but I've finally decided to make that jump. I'm heading to Melbourne to talk to a professor about working his lab just to gain some experience, and hopefully make some connections and secure a proper job.

I plan to work in his lab part-time while doing some other paying part-time work. I don't know where this will lead me but I do know that it will help.

I'm actually really worried (it's the pessimist in me) about packing, moving, and starting a new life in Melbourne. So it's a surprise that after a tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep, I actually woke up feeling happy.

I guess it's been a while since I've gotten something to look forward to :)

Oh, I went for a third interview recently; it was for a data-entry position. Needless to say, I came second again. Apparently, I was the successful candidate but they then decided to not to hire anyone and give one of their employees extra work. Then they tell me that they would like to call me again on Monday if their employee can't handle the additional work.

I wonder... do interviewers always tell you stuff like that so they don't want you to feel bad?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Maru and his antics

I am officially obsessed with this cat.

I first spotted this cat on and am hooked since.

Its a Scottish Fold and is called Maru; pronounced as "Meh-ru" which
basically means 'Round' in Japanese. How apt!

With a set of inquisitive eyes, and a playful nature,
this cat won me over in this video.

I have never ever seen a cat do that before!

I prefer dogs over cats but if all cats are as cute as Maru,
then I wouldn't mind getting one!

Maru is really curious but intelligent. At first, it may seem like a silly cat as it sticks its head into paper bags (with a hole in the other end), bubble wrap and the like.

However, it begins to walk around the house in a routine manner and taking its time looking at its surroundings through the bags, which suggests its intelligence.

If you're interested, you can follow Maru and its antics through its owner's blog at Although it's predominantly in Japanese, there are English translations in the blog entries.. or rather Engrish translations.

There's an archive of blog entries in the top left corner of the blog and you can scroll through past entries at the bottom of the blog. And best of all, it's updated fairly regularly ;)

Isn't Maru just too cute?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Book reading pt 1

Am reading 'The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci'

So far.. I've read the epilogue and .... I'm struggling.

Ooo.. I can just imagine him 'tut'-ing at me. *shame face*

When I was younger, I tend to keep a dictionary with me or at least a pen and paper whenever I read a book so I can jot down words I'm unfamiliar with and look them up. This really expanded my vocab.

Unfortunately, I was curling up in bed last night with the book and gave up after about 5 pages or so because
  1. History is not my strong point so I have no idea who the author is referring to; and
  2. I didn't have a pen and paper with me and my dictionary and laptop (Good old Google and Wikipedia) were too far away from me.

I was much too comfortable in my bed to crawl across the room to search for the meanings, historic events and the illustrations.


But I'm not going to give up yet. Tonight I'm going to arm myself with resources so last night's fiasco won't repeat itself.

*determined face >=(

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

rekindled love

As I finally put down Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code', I realized how much I missed reading. I could not recall the last time I burrowed my nose into a good book. A book so good that I am unable to put it down. I am fully aware of the inaccuracies in the 'Da Vinci Code' but it was a pretty interesting cryptic thriller nonetheless.

Anyway, this book has rekindled my love for books. So I went and renewed my library card membership. Turns out the last time I borrowed a book was in 2006.


I hope to learn more about history, philosophy, cultures... and I'm going to start with Leonardo Da Vinci. I tend to favour non-fictional works so hopefully I won't fall asleep. Heh.

In other news, I just got home from grocery shopping and got a thigh cramp. Too much strenuous exercise or the lack of it?

Figures that something like that could only happen to me.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Retail Therapy

Retail therapy FTW.

I love the end of financial year! That's when everything is on sale!
I bought these three arm accessories for only $10!

Awesome "leather" strap

Chunky black bangle and a purple one with a holographic peacock feather imprint!

I totally heart this one! I think the peacock feather is really gorgeous!

After restricting myself from shopping for a couple weeks, it feels extremely good to hit the stores again! To top it all, I found awesome buys at bargain prices! *fist pump into the air* W00ts!

Too bad it's winter, I can't really show them off when I'm wearing heavy coats and jackets! Bugger.

Oh wells! Only two months to go before Spring arrives! :D

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