Sunday, February 28, 2010

What? It's that time of year again?

I'm turning 23 tomorrow.

It doesn't feel like I'm turning a year older at all.
I'm not particularly excited or even upset at the thought.

I guess that I MUST be getting old, if I don't even think that birthdays are even worth any emotions!!

I did get a lovely parcel from the awesomous twinno; it's filled with cute and wonderful goodies!!
I will post up pics of the items soon.

Josh has just returned from his holiday; he was in Malaysia for two whole weeks.
I did not even once whinge about it! W00t!! But I did miss him a fair bit :P

Unfortunately, he's SICK!
It's unbelivable as he hardly ever falls ill. When he does, he's really sick.
The poor lad! I've only since him sick one other time before, so that means he's been sick twice in our *almost* three-year relationship. Whereas I've been sick countless of times T__T

I will be a little busy nursing him back to health.
Congee, cooling ice packs and menthol vapor rubs!

Anyway, it's my birthday tomorrow!
Will be awaiting for all your well wishes! :P

It's amazing what photoshop can do, no?
(PS: Am wearing circle lens in this pic)


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Strut strut strut


 Dammit. Burnt my corn in the microwave.


At the moment, I've been watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 12
I watched 3 episodes on my flight from Hong Kong and became obsessed with Allison Harvard.

 Before...... and ...........  After

At first, she was this strange bug-eyed girl with an odd fascination with blood...
Her personality was quirky. Her face was interesting.
A good combination, no? :)

Didn't think she was going to go very far because she seemed quite awkward and uncomfortable in photoshoots but damm... she really impressed me at the end of it all.

Go Allison!!! :D

PS: To all ANTM fans, yes, I know I'm watching old seasons of ANTM (the latest is Cycle 14) but pfffttt... whatever. Best Cycle Ever!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mini projects: Strawberry and Mended Heart


I made these felt strawberries the other day
And used one as my mobile phone charm!!
Most people think it's cute. The reactions I get from people vary after I've told them I made it myself; from the slight nod of approval to the wide-eyed look of disbelief.

Anyway, I was eager to try something new but I was low on supplies to do anything complicated.
So I decided to make this little red heart with a cross over it.

I took a risk with the purple side stitching (since I'm still such an amateur) but I think it look so good and distinct against the red! Am so proud of myself *OHOHOHOHOHO!!!!

After that, I was really itching to make more cotton-stuffed cuties.
So I went out in the 30 degree heat today to get more supplies!
That's passion for you! (Or maybe obsession?)

I actually finished Project D a long time ago but it's for Josh and I want him to see it for himself when he gets back from Malaysia (Don't want to ruin the surprise for him!)
Will post up pictures after he returns.

Days left till Josh gets back: 5

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project D

Can you guess what I'm making next??

Hope that those who celebrate Chinese New Year, I hope you had a good one! Josh has returned back to his hometown in Malaysia so I'm without him for 2 whole weeks.

I celebrated Chinese New Year with Rudi instead. HAHAHA!
We went to Chinatown in the City and managed to catch a street lion dance performance outside of a restaurant. It's a little different to the ones back home in Brunei but not enough to keep me interested.

Years ago, I would have been excited (and also scared) of the lions as they are always much larger than I am. Moreover, their movements are often erratic.

As a child, I never understood why my mother would just rather stand back and watch from afar while I would frantically try to catch a glimpse of the lions.

I'm turning 23 and I'm already bored.

Uh oh.

I'm really glad that I went out though. It sure beats rotting at home alone anyway!!

OH! My birthday is in 11 days!!
Cards and presents are welcome!
Please email me for my postal address! XD


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mr. Toast Plushie

Yet again, I've found another obsession.

I saw this absolutely cute Toast keychain plush tutorial by aiwa-9 from and decided to try my hand at making one too!

I went out to source my materials..

To be honest, I didn't know what half the things were inside the sewing/crafting kit

I. am. a. total. noob.

Still, I didn't let that deter me from making my very own Mr. Toast Plush keychain
I began following the tutorial and bit by bit, my Mr. Toast was coming together!

Sewing was the most pain-staking part as it requires a great of consistency to keep the stitches about 2mm apart from each other @.@

My Mr. Toast doesn't look as good as Aiwa's but I'm very happy with it!!
It is so uber cute!! Kyahhh~!! ♥

I've already gotten started on my next plush toy!! :D
Will post photos after I've completed it ;)

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Grey Storm Coloured Contacts by Clearly Contacts

As some of you may know, I've recently purchased coloured contact lenses. 
I wasn't too sure where to start so I decided by getting these pair of lenses called "Grey Storm" by Clearly Contacts as I heard that the colour grey are great on asians.


When I first wore them, I they looked really strange on me!

Before and After

As you can see, the grey didn't blend in very well with my natural brown eye colour; making my contacts look quite unnatural close-up.

And I also noticed immediately that my pair of lenses were different!!!

Can you see the difference? The one on the right has fewer number of radial grey strokes and a larger black rim.

I still quite liked it though!! I actually prefer the lens on the right as it seems more striking with a larger black rim.

Anyho, I wrote to the company to make a complaint. They're sending me another free pair. WOO HOO! Hopefully, the next pair will be identical!

Despite the difference, I didn't hesitate to wear them out!! 

Getting ready for the Australian Open!! So sparkly!!

The difference wasn't that obvious from far anyway.
I really like them a lot!!! They're quite glassy-looking from far; giving me a teary-eyed look!

Accidental artistic shot (Wanted to show you how the lenses look like in direct sunlight)
Pretty neat, huh?? :3

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Aussie Open

As most of you know (the ones who have access to my facebook albums), Josh and I went to watch Justine Henin's semifinal against Zheng Jie on Thursday.

We didn't actually plan to watch a game; only to have a look around with the grounds pass ticket (which cost only $20 per person)

Anyho, we planned to spray Josh's car rims black and leave them to dry while we have our fun at the Australian Open.

Yes, I helped.

A little bit.

But that still counts :)

So we wanted to change his rims from silver to matte black

Very nice no??

Josh busy sandpapering the rims. 
(Look at his skinny legs!! Must feed him more!!)

Spraying it the white primer

Camwhoring while waiting for the primer to dry

Coating it with matte black spray


Josh finished his two front rims the other day.

The whole process takes up the entire day so we decided to leave the first black coat to dry while we made our way to the Rod Laver Arena.

The young happy couple who at the time, had no idea that they were going to blow $180 each later that day.

We were watching the game on a huge-ass TV screen. (Damm, I really wonder how much support Serena must get!!)

Josh turns to me with a serious face, "Want to do something crazy?"

I look at him blankly, "Eh?"

"Want to watch a game together?" he asks, without flinching.

Well, we know what I said.

So $180 poorer later,


We watched the amazing Justine Henin in action

We also witnessed Serena's interview. I recorded it so I didn't have too many pictures of her.
Was actually quite star-struck!! *O*

 It was scorching hot! Our Tim Tams were melting!! MELTINGGGGGGG!!

Our seats were good! Only about six seats away from courtside!
Plus the Zheng Jie's coach and her own cheering squad were sitting only mere meters from us.

It was a really short game (but it felt really long for me, so I was rather relieved when it was over!!)

Obligatory self-shots with the tennis court

So afterwards, Josh and I just strolled around. 


There were lots of stalls (by the Australian Open sponsors) so there were numerous games that we could participate in, and small prizes to be won.

This cute ANZ mascot was actually following Josh and I around for a little bit.
When I turned around, it put its finger to its "lips" to tell me to be quiet as it inched closer to Josh.
Of course, I couldn't help but laugh and ruined it for the poor mascot! HAHAHA!

In the above photo, it wanted to give a little toddler a hug but the poor girl just ran away. So her dad picked her up and charged towards the mascot!!!

It was a good experience.  I wouldn't mind going again next year!! I hope to watch Federer and/or Nadal play!! :D

Okay, instant noodles from now onwards.
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