Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review : Silkymit

Ah... unwanted hair, the bane of countless men* and women.
*Trust me, we have a lot of men coming into our clinic for hair removal.

Now, after being recommended by a friend to try Silkymit, a painless alternative to waxing or shaving, I decided to give it a go.


I didn't expect much but I was disappointed when I opened the pack. Inside, there were three "gloves" which were made out of cardboard.

You basically slip a hand through the openings and glide it in circular movements up and down your limbs.
Very easy to use; much like an exfoliation glove.

So I tried it first on my leg. After a few tries, I ran my hand down and I was disappointed as it has not effectively removed much hair.
I had a few more tries but then found that it was beginning to irritate my skin.


Then it felt like it was burning!
I immediately slapped on some soothing balm which helped calm my skin.

Still, this did not deter me.

Perhaps I was applying too much pressure?
So I tried it on my other leg, which did not irritate as much but like before, did not remove a lot of hair at all.

Then I thought maybe it only works on fine hairs?
I then had a go on my forearm, which gave better results than the legs. There was hardly any irritation at all on my arms so I was pleased. I then put some moisturizer on as my arms felt dry.

However, after a few days, I've noticed that the skin on my arms were rough and scaly. I assume that through the exfoliation, I had broken my skin.

Now I'm not one with sensitive skin so I was a bit surprised at how my skin reacted.

Before and After Photos of Arm

My friends, I'm sure you're dying to know:

Does Silkymit work?
Yes and no.
It did remove hair, yes. I personally find that it's not effective on newly grown hairs but works alright for fine, wispy hairs. As you can see from the photo above, it did remove most of the fine hairs on my arms. On my legs, I could still feel stubble after using Silkymit. Mmm... sexy.

How long does it take for the removed hairs to grow back?
Almost immediately. It's very much like shaving an area.

Will you recommend Silkymit?
No. My friend raved about it but personally, it doesn't do it for me. Not worth the risk of breaking my skin and the possible burning irritations.
Moreover, the hair grows right back.
I would rather shave.

Sexy :D

// ♥

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gorgeous Kate Hill Parisian Necklace

Hello my lovelies!

I have returned from Perth and now suffering from the time difference. MEH.
Fortunately, I am able to get today off but I basically wasted it lazing around and doing some house chores.
Anyho, since my return, I have been shopping hard! :D

I scored a bargain on this really pretty necklace from Kate Hill, the 'Paric Necklace'.

I don't usually like gold-coloured accessories but this was a rather bright gold so it didn't look too old-fashioned.

There are a few charms: the Effiel Tower, a ring, a coin, a four-leaf clover, a lace bow and an opaque square white bead.

Look at how shiny it is! *O* 

It was retailed at A$22.99 but I bought it on sale for only A$9.99 (because I'm a real cheapo, I can't really justify spending A$23 on a necklace for myself)

This photo shows the most true colour of this piece.

You can get your own here for A$9.99 too ;)

// ♥

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Art on the Wacom Bamboo Tablet

Finally! I've managed to fight the urge to just zone out in front of my laptop and surf endlessly, and drawn something rather decent.

This time, I decided to draw on my tablet.

Now Josh bought me Wacom's Bamboo Fun Tablet more than a year ago but to be honest, I've never really used it very much because I found it difficult to use. Don't get me wrong, it is a fantastic little device; the pen is comfortable to use and has an amazing pressure sensitivity. Definitely better than using a mouse!
The only problem is that I much rather to use Adobe Photoshop than the software (Corel Painter Essentials) it comes with, to draw.
While I am able to use the tablet to draw in Adobe Photoshop, I found it rather unsatisfying as it did not have the many awesome brushes found available in the Corel Painter Essentials.

I am aware that I can download the brushes but I am but a total n00b when it comes to this. I don't even know the types of brushes, let alone the names! I am strictly a sketch artist. I can't even colour right.

Thus, I am left with no choice but to learn a new software.

At the moment, I'm still learning  :)

      First, a quick sketch and colouring

      Additional colouring and blending

      Further shading and blending

It's still incomplete. Hopefully I'll be able to play with other types of brushes to see if I can bring her features out. I'm not good with how lighting reflects on people so we'll see how it goes.

So far, so good. I'm really enjoying the tablet, much to Josh's relief! :D
Too bad I didn't start sooner!

// ♥
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