Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bundle Monster Konad Nail Plate Review (21 piece set)


Check this out!!

Oh yeah.. pretty awesome right? I purchased the 21 piece Bundle Monster Konad image plate set from Amazon for about US$18 not too long ago cause I wanted to experiment with more Konad nail designs.

It was my first time purchasing off Amazon and it was really easy! Postage didn't cost much either, approx. US$4 and it took about a week or so to arrive.

The Bundle Monster set is a cheap knockoff of the Konad plate set. I thought they would be filmsy metal plates but they are actually as good as a genuine Konad plate!

There is a thin blue plastic film protecting each plate which is easily removed.

Each image plate has a unique number on it, just like a konad plate.

Each plate also has 6 - 7 designs, just like a Konad plate .

I have used 5 plates without encountering any problems so far but upon closer inspection of all the other plates, I did notice a slight inconsistency in one pattern. However, I'm not bothered by it because it's hardly noticeable once you stamp the design onto your nails.

This set is a partial set, which includes the BM1 - BM21 image plates.
Personally, there will be some designs of this particular set that I doubt I would ever use but I still enjoy having a variety of choices.

Now, I don't actually own a full Konad image plate set so I can't exactly compare but looking at some samples online, there will be a lot of designs I probably won't use either.

click on the photo to enlarge!
In all, I'm really satisfied with my purchase *prances*

And in anticipation of my upcoming snow trip in Falls Creek, I've created cute wintery snowflake nails.

Uber cute? Hell yeah! :D

Can't wait to make snow angels, snowmen and have snowball fight(s)!

// ♥


Ling said...

Wow, looks great!!! Unfortunately, I can barely paint my nails well, let alone try Konad :P

Jeneara said...

oh wow so lovely!!
so keen to get myself a big set!
i just don't know if i'll have a steady enough hand for it.

great review!

LishyWishy ♥ said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!! ^__^

Yeah, I'm not going to lie to you. It does take a bit of practice (and patience) but it's so worth it though!! :D

Anonymous said...

Do you still have them?

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