Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hey guys,

I apologize for the lack of updates. August has been an insane month so far.

I did have some good news career-wise so I was very excited.

Unfortunately it's been short-lived as it was quickly followed by a series of bad news affecting people I know and love.
All I can do now is try to focus on the silver lining and hope for the best.

I am staying positive because there are certain aspects of the situation which are in my control so I can do my best to change the outcome of what appears to be bleak.

I apologize but I may be MIA for a fair bit as I do need to channel a lot of my attention and energy into fixing this problem. I hope this won't be the case and I will be resurface sooner than I think.

I am keeping positive so don't worry about me ;)
I hope everyone's been well.

// ♥

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Index Fundraising

My friends Fiona and Ting are 4th year RMIT students hoping to raise enough funds to open an exhibition for their final year.

I am absolutely loving this Alice in wonderland inspired mustard yellow bobble ring created by Ting.
It is gorgeous!

So artsy!

I also purchased this cute love birds acrylic ring that they've created using a laser cutter!

I am loving all these cute handmade button accessories made by their team mates!

I wish I could have them ALL!!

I'm also proud to say that I assisted in a few of them! I was actually at Fi's place last weekend, helping them glue, polish and paint these accessories so they can sell them. 

They usually set up stalls in their uni to try and raise funds, so they need all the help possible. If you're intrigued, just check out their facebook page or you can just ask me! ;)

// ♥

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hitting the slopes


Well, at first it was quite frustrating that I was unable to control the snowboard and kept falling all over the place.

This was my face after the first day: disheartened and tired. Josh was pumped as always; he's a natural athlete so nothing could deter him.

However, on the second day, I actually managed to pick it up! I even managed to go down a beginner's trail called 'Wombat' twice, albeit a lot slower than everyone else. This man actually made three runs and noticed me on his way down the third time to ask if I was okay since I was sitting on the sides each time he passed me.

I fell a few times due to bad luck; other beginners in my way, collecting me and loss of balance but a lot of the time, I had to purposely fall because I needed to rest!!

Since I'm only able to do a 'falling leaf' down the slopes (a motion like a leaf falling down), it took a lot of energy and time. Especially for someone who hardly exercises and is naturally quite clumsy!

So I am actually very proud of myself! So is Josh! I can't wait to go back up again!!

There were plenty of beginners in our group of 14 so it was fun trying to learn together!

Moreover, our friend Perry managed to score us a breathtakingly gorgeous accommodation at Dreamers Spa!

The outside spa we didn't manage to use cause we would have to clean it out and no one wanted to do it after a long day at the slopes!!

 The magnificent interior!

The master bedroom Josh and I shared. Thanks to everyone who decided to let us sleep here ♥

The breathtaking view outside our doorstep!

It was such a great weekend.

Can't wait to go back!! ♥

Sunday, August 07, 2011

When awesome meets awesome.

*drum rolls*
I present to you the awesomous Yenny and magnificent Lisha!!!!!

Feel our awesomeness!!

We met in 2006 in an online K-pop music forum. Funny thing was that we tend to post after one another saying the same thing. This may not seem like anything significant but considering the insane amount of time we used to spend on the forum during those days, it was actually quite freaky at times.
It was as though we were twins. DUM DUM DUM.

It was really great to be able to finally meet her. Cheryl has already met Yenners on three/four separate occasions. Pffft.

Anyho, she was traveling with her friend Krystal who is such a sweet person (one of the many reasons is because she would laugh at all my jokes, regardless of whether it was funny or not!)

We dined at Sushi Burger where we had a bit of a struggle trying to meet the minimum of $12 per person.

The food galore! I had the agedashi tofu and veggie tempura sushi burger, which was essentially a 'burger' using sushi rice as buns.

Most of us had the sushi burger, except for Krystal who challenged herself to a massive curry dish. 

So what comes after an asian meal? Bubble tea of course!

If you haven't been to Easy Cafe, do check it out! It's an underground bubble tea place with swings for seats. 
And if you were planning to have bubble tea there, do order the special bubble tea set. I forgot the name but it's one where you get a pot of milk tea, with sweetener and sago pearls in separate dishes. Essentially you get to make your own bubble tea to your liking. Do share with a friend as it is way too much for one.

We were planned to hang out at Cheryl's crib so we ordered bubble tea to go. While waiting for our bubble tea to be made, we camwhored.

Upper right: Cheryl with her Ga-In impression

Gorgeous view from Cheryl's.

Before we knew it, we had to part. 

We had a lot of fun! It was great meeting you girls! Come back to Melbourne soon!!

// ♥
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